About Patrick Tetenborg.

Dr. Tetenborg is the co-founder of Jansen + Tetenborg – Vibration and Pulsation Consulting.

Already after graduating from high school in 2007, he discovered his passion for dynamic issues on various types of machines and plants during a dual study program. He realized early on that the subject area around vibrations, pulsations and general acoustics always offers new challenges. As a consulting engineer, the smooth transition between structural-dynamic and acoustic phenomena challenges him to think in ever new ways when finding solutions to machine and plant problems.

His fascination with this subject area also led him to complete his doctorate on the topic of “Development of an adaptive and passive pulsation damping device” in 2017 at the chair of fluidics at the Technical University Dortmund under Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Brümmer. This is just one example of the technological potentials that can lead to an improvement of processes and products when fluid acoustic effects and structural dynamic properties are exploited on a smart way.

In addition to his doctorate, he was already working as a measurement engineer in a leading German engineering company for sound and vibration problems. Immediately after his PhD, he initially worked as a project manager and shortly thereafter became the head of the machine dynamics department in 2019.

During this time, he was responsible for handling complex customer projects worldwide. In addition to the valued technical expertise, intensive customer communication with open and interactive exchange is essential in the joint development of problem solutions. The last 15 years have shown him that a structured and methodical approach involving all decision makers is essential for solving complex problems.  

We are excited to see what challenges upcoming projects will bring and look forward to future tasks related to compressor, pump, turbine and other production plants

Our goal is to reduce dynamic loads to a minimum. This is the only way to keep plant availability, reliability and safety at a maximum level.

Patrick Tetenborg


The ability to convey technical facts in a clear, understandable, but also vivid and interesting way should be one of the core competencies of every consulting engineer. Dr. Tetenborg does this with great passion and commitment. Below you will find an excerpt of his publications.

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  • KÖTTER Solutions – Increasing the reliability of LDPE-plants
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