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We are experts in handling of pressure pulsations and structural vibrations in industrial applications. We are providing high level consultancy services to clients around the world. With more than 25 years of professional experience, powerful measurement and analysis tools and state of the art simulation software we can guide you to take the right actions in the optimization of the dynamics of your plant.

Field Investigations

A comprehensive and reliable database is the foundation of our business. For this reason, we combine metrological and theoretical investigations so that we can make meaningful technical decisions together.

Studies of Vibration and Pulsation

A state of the art chemical plant has normally been carefully tuned to avoid mechanic and acoustic malfunctions in terms of resonances.
We are supporting our clients in troubleshooting and optimizations projects by means of realistic numerical studies.


Increased vibrations are often the result of a complex chain of effects of excitations and amplifications. An efficient analysis and mitigation requires not only profound expertise but also a certain amount of experience. From hundreds of projects in over 10 years of professional experience we can offer you both.

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