We have learned from the practical experience gained from hundreds of vibration and pulsation investigations and have highly specialized measurement technology at our disposal.

Comprehensive Measurement SETUPS

Multichannel measurement setups covering vibration, pulsation, speed, strain, force, torque and temperature can easily be compiled depending on the needs of your specific task. Together with the operational data we can elaborate relationships between dynamic behaviour and process. Furthermore, we can easily identify the acoustic and mechanical amplification mechanisms acting in your plant.

Non-invasive technologies

With the help of special measuring methods, we can achieve a level of detail in the metrological investigation of pressure pulsations that in many cases could not be achieved before. The special advantage is that we often do not even have to interrupt the production process for the installation of the measurement technology. This saves you expensive downtimes without losing measurement data that is important for the evaluation and analysis.


We are one of the few engineering companies worldwide that have practical experience in the non-contact measurement, analysis and assessment of vibrations of tubular reactors in LDPE/EVA plants.

Combining practice and theory

We understand the importance of our reports and expertises. For this reason, we combine theory and practice whenever possible, for example when we adapt the complex numerical models needed to optimize the piping acoustics of a reciprocating compressor system to the results of a metrological investigation.