From time to time, customers report intermittent, conspicuous vibrations in their plants. In these cases, it is not always possible to clearly reconstruct the process conditions and thus reproduce the vibrations for a comprehensive metrological investigation.

In addition, operators of complex large-scale plants in particular require an evaluation of the vibration and pulsation level for certain core components (e.g. LDPE / EVA reactors) during commissioning. Due to the large number of possible chemical reaction products, this may require a large number of individual measurements over a longer period of time.

Finally, after the repair of damage (e.g. cracks of pipes, failure of hydrodynamic bearings and poor liefetime of reciprocating compressor valves), there is a need to log data when the machines and equipment are put back into operation. In the case of an uncertain root cause analysis, this is sometimes intentionally done for the period of time until the presumed next damage.

Together with you, we not only define the scope of the measurements, but we also provide you with the necessary multi-channel data aquisition equipment. We install, operate and evaluate the measurements and subsequently provide you with meaningful reports so that you can base your technical decisions on a solid foundation.