Vibrations and Pulsations in High Pressure Compressor Systems

Target audience and format

The target audience for this webinar are operators of LDPE/EVA plants. This full-day seminar is designed for a duration of 6 hours. A vivid discussion with the presenter is possible and desired. To maintain confidentiality and to promote an open business culture every session is limited to employess of one company only. A performance in house is in possible on request.


Seperated into 6 parts we will provide valuable information and first-hand experience on the complex topic of “Vibrations and Pulsations in High Pressure Compressor Systems“.

Learn about the relevant theoretical background of structural vibrations and pipe acoustics and understand the comprehensive engineering efforts a modern high pressure plant is based upon.

Get an overview on the assessment of operational vibration and operational pulsation levels and on the possibilities for the optimization of such a plant.

We will show you the powerful tools which have proven to provide insight in analyzing the complex cause and effect chains responsible for elevated vibrations.

Backed-up with several case studies this seminar will impower you and your colleques to improve your plant.


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